We are excited to offer the whole Elixir Board Co line-up.
Elixir boards are made with industry leading PVC Sandwich construction, developed with fiberglass on each side of PVC high density foam. PVC Sandwich is the lightest and strongest construction available. Elixir Board Co utilizes a lightweight 20kg closed cell waterproof EPS core. The top deck has two layers of fiberglass and the bottom deck has three layers of with additional reinforcement for the rails, nose and tail for a strong and lightweight board. Epoxy high grade paint and clear coating is used to maintain board integrity and graphics.
GOREā„¢ Protective Vents allow air to flow back and forth between the core and the paddle board exterior (automatically as temperature and air pressure necessitates). All styles, except the race model, come with cargo plugs and figure eight bungee system to secure your dry bag or water bottle.
Come out and demo some boards and the rental fee will be credited towards a board if you decide to make a purchase.